10 Christmas Crackers - Robin 10" x 12"


10 Luxury Christmas Crackers 30cm


A fantastic way to start any celebration with family and friends. The British Christmas dinner starts with the sharing of Christmas Crackers.

The tradition of the Christmas cracker originated in the United Kingdom in the mid-nineteenth century and began its life as sweets and riddles wrapped in a beautiful paper that when pulling them firmly between two people open with a "bang".

Crackers are generally shared between two people, one pulling at each end. With the ends firmly gripped, the crackers separate with constant pressure and a rotating motion. This will usually tear the cracker along one of the seams and activate the "cracker action" producing a small ** BANG ** The little gift, the joke and the paper crown fly out and the contents are shared so that each person has a crown, and enjoy the little gift and laugh with the bad joke.

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